Cody Matthew Johnson

Cody Matthew Johnson is a composer, music producer, songwriter, and creative director whose irreverent and unapologetic fusion of traditional musical styles and electronics with hard-hitting modern production. As a composer and music producer, Cody has pushed his way to the forefront of cutting-edge video game scoring all the while collaborating with some of rock music’s biggest upcoming acts.

 Cody is a founder of Emperia Sound and Music, a full-service end-to-end audio solutions company for video games, interactive media, mixed realities, and immersive audio, and serves as the Emperia Sound and Music CEO and Creative Director. Emperia Sound and Music specializes in full-service audio games, interactive media, and immersive experiences.

 After years in the film, television, licensing, and music industry, Cody began to find his way into the production of video game sound and music. Recent projects include Lost Soul Aside (Ultizero Games, Sony China), Trek To Yomi (Devolver Digital, Flying Wild Hog), Devil May Cry 5 (Capcom), Resident Evil 2 (Capcom), and Bright Memory: Infinite (FYQD, Playism).

Additionally, Cody produces and collaborates with artists, often inspired by his unique music direction and taste fusing industrial, metal/hardrock, electronic, and orchestral hybrid that is featured in his video game scores, such as deathcore pioneers Suicide Silence, Sick Puppies frontman Shim Moore, Mikaila Delgado of Yours Truly and many more.

As an accomplished composer, music producer, and songwriter, Cody’s work has garnered critical acclaim such as at The Game Awards, SXSW Gaming Awards, Game Audio Network Guild Awards, Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and NAVGTR Awards.

Helge Borgarts

Helge Borgarts is a German composer and producer. Working in the games industry for more than 20 years, he was involved in more than 40 projects as a composer and/or producer.

He produced and contributed music to the game “Tiger & Chicken”, which was awarded Best Mobile Core Game at the German Developer Awards. With Thomas Stanger he founded the brand “BowsToHymns” and scored trailers for developers and publishers like Crytek, Stratotainment or Higgs Games, wrote library demos for companies like Spitfire Audio, Steinberg or Orchestral Tools and provided music for SPM or Warner/Chappell. His latest works include the scores for the games “The Surge 2”, “The Surge – The Good, The Bad and the Augmented” and “A Year of Rain”.

He is the program manager for games music at the renowned festival and conference for music in film and media Soundtrack_Cologne and a regular speaker and lecturer at events and universities. Since 2021 he is audio director and composer at Deck13 Interactive.

Helge works in Mülheim an der Ruhr. 

James Marshall

James Marshall is Senior Music Supervisor at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe as part of the PlayStation Creative Arts team, working on global ad campaigns, promotional videos and games currently in development.

Recent projects have included Gran Turismo 7, the BAFTA-nominated Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Destruction AllStars, as well as the premiere PlayStation in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. He also works on commercially released soundtracks for PlayStation titles across digital and physical formats with releases including Returnal, Horizon Forbidden West and more.

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